Facebook Changes Up Messages, Looks More Like Email


Once again, Facebook has made some changes.

Anyone else tired yet?

Luckily, this change is actually pretty nice one. Instead of the old messaging system which was kind of a mess particularly when it came to those whacky “other” messages that were bizarrely hidden the messages section now looks more like, well, a place you get messages.

In other words, it looks like email.

Just for the record, that “other” email section is still there (WTF, Facebook? Seriously? Just put it in regular messages!), but it’s now easily spotted and you can tell when you have a new message.

Facebook introduced the changes today.

The new side-by-side layout lets you click your most recent message on the left to see the whole conversation on the right. You can also bring conversations to life with multiple photos and emoticons.

Here’s what it looks like. First, when you check your messages you’ll get a popup message:

Then you’ll head into your messages and it will look like this (sample provided by Facebook).

What do you think? Is this an improvement?





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