Facebook Debuts New Look For Timeline This Week


newfacebooktimelineOh boy! Facebook is, once again, changing the look of your timeline.


Interestingly enough, the new timeline is going to look a lot like Facebook did before there were timelines. Yes, Facebook is going back to one column for timeline and having the dates on the right side. (Check it out in this post on Mashable.) Personally I actually prefer a single column; the side to side part of timeline was mildly annoying, in my opinion.

The new timeline is already being tested in New Zealand, and reporters have been invited to Facebook’s offices tomorrow to preview the changes.

So when will the rest of us see it? Well, Facebook is playing this pretty close to the vest. In other words, not a clue.

One thing I noticed on the new layout is that it appears the cover photo might be a bit less wide, but it’s really hard to tell. Instead of your left hand timeline updates, now your about page info, etc. will appear in that area. Photos showcasing friends and photos will disappear and only offer tabs.

There have been rumors of a new timeline since last October, so it’s likely we’ll see the changes soon. What do you think? Do you like the single comment timeline version?



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