Facebook Dives Into The Womb With 'I'm Expecting' Status

Facebook is now allowing users to share baby news as part of their profile

It used to be that if you were pregnant, you’d let your circle of Facebook friends know the old-fashioned way: change your profile picture to a sonogram shot or post a status update (e.g. “Just wanted to tell you know that we’ll be getting more than presents under the tree at Christmastime we’re having a baby in December!”).

Late last year Facebook enabled users to add family members to their accounts, and now an expected child can be added as well — due date and chosen name optional.

While some parents had previously gone against Facebook rules and added actual profiles for unborn babies (all users must be born and at least 13 years old to have an official presence on the site), this new option does not require a separate page for the impending family member.

To add your bun in the oven to your page, you need to edit your profile settings: Profile>Info>Basic Information>Friends and Family>Select Relationship>Expected: Child.

When the change is made, an update will be published to the public news feed letting friends revel in your happy news.

Happy Facebook baby-ing!


Image: Tecca

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