Facebook Introduces Sponsored Stories


Notice anything different in your Facebook timeline today? A new type of advertising is rolling out, called Sponsored Stories. Appearing in the top of the right hand column on your news feed, you’ll see status updates and check ins from your friend in the side bar, thus increasing the visibility of the company featured.

In Mashable, Facebook Product Marketing Lead Jim Squires said that is “a way for marketers to sponsor activities that happen throughout the News Feed.”

So how does it work? Here’s how it looks according to Facebook’s page introducing the new service.

According to Tech Crunch, the Sponsored Stories have a 46% higher click-through rate than traditional ads. Both TechCrunch and Mashable note the similarities that Sponsored Stories has to Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets; both seem to have been introduced with very little backlash, too.

So keep an eye out for these new ads. It will be interesting to watch the growth of advertising in social media.

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