Facebook "Kill Obama" Poll Was Created by a Child


barack-obamaWhen a Facebook using a third-party application created a poll asking the question “Should Obama be killed?”, Secret Service agents took the implied threat very seriously.

They shut down the application — which included choices like “yes,” “maybe,” and “if he cuts my health care” — removed the poll, and went searching for it’s user.  Their “man” hunt turned up a surprise, though:  The poll creator was a child.

Authorities are keeping mum about the details — they won’t share the child’s age or gender, for instance.  But they have said that no criminal charges will be filed.  “Case closed,”  Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said in a statement. “I guess you could characterize it as a mistake.”

Insert awkward chuckle here.  “Just a mistake!  Nothing to see here!  Just a little threat against the President’s life.”  If the poll was written by a younger child (which I suspect, given the Secret Service’s ambivalence) then maybe they should be taking a closer look at his or her parents.  The kids I know rarely worry about health care enough to consider assassination.

Really, people.  Go ahead and disagree with the President; it is your right after all.  But whether there’s a Democrat or Republican President, shouldn’t we be teaching our kids to respect the office even if they disagree with the man/woman?  To debate the issues with a little civility, instead of ignorance and blind threats?

Because no matter how you feel about the politics, Barack Obama is a human being.  He’s also a husband and a father.  Teaching kids that it’s okay to wish for his untimely death because you disagree with him is wrong — because he’s the President and because it’s a parent’s job to teach kids how to handle conflict in an appropriate manner.

What do you think?


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