Facebook Places, Hostile Fetuses, and More


Facebook Places was debuted last night, allowing users to see other users exact location.  Creeped out by the idea?  Lifehacker tells you how to disable it.

Here’s a bizarre pregnancy discrimination case.  A woman is suing her boss for firing her because, according to him, he had a spiritual connection to her fetus and the fetus was hostile and had a negative agenda.  — The Stir

At 11, I was babysitting three kids all day, all summer long.  But not all pre-teens are ready for the responsibility of childcare.  If you’re considering hiring a younger babysitter, then get ready to provide on the job training, says Alphamom’s Amalah.

A pit bull that attacked its man and his  four-year-old daughter has been released from doggy death row — despite plans to euthanize the aggressive dog.  The owner pestered animal control and brought in a lawyer, eventually winning the right to bring the dog home, as long as she constructs a seven-foot-high fence around her yard.  How do you feel about this ruling? — Parentdish

It’s normal for young children to experiment with gender roles — your four-year-old loves to have his nails polished like moms, for instance.  But when kids persistently identify with the opposite gender year after year, some experts are now recommending that kids be allowed to “switch” early on in life, even as young as seven years old.  Read the story of one transgender child who’s happier as Bridget than he was as Brandon. — Momlogic

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