Facebook Post Gets Student Suspended


online-keyboard-sm250An 11th grade student in Memphis has learned the hard way that what you say on Facebook doesn’t necessarily stay on Facebook.  Keyshaun Harley, an honor student at Ridgeway High School, says he was trying to discourage some girls from fighting when he posted a comment reading “you’re not gonna bust a grape” on a friend’s Facebook page.

After a parent reported the virtual conversation to the school’s principal, Keyshaun and the other students involved were all suspended for 180 days – that’s the rest of the school year!

I am not exactly sure what “bust a grape” means, but Keyshaun says his comment was meant to discourage the girls from fighting, not egg them on.  But school authorities say that what he wrote is considered cyber-bullying and that suspension is an appropriate punishment.

Keyshaun’s parents disagree and plan to appeal the decision.  Not only was Keyshaun trying to stop the fight, his dad says, but his Facebook commented was posted while his son was off school property. In the meantime, Keyshaun is concerned about the effect a one-year suspension will have on his college plans.  Whatever happens, he says he’s no longer a fan of the social networking site and will probably never go on Facebook again.