Facebook Releases a List of the Most Shared Articles of 2011


Facebook has released a list of the top 40 articles that their users shared in the year 2011. If you haven’t stumbled across it yet, I highly recommend checking it out. Perhaps it is proof that Facebook users have an eye for great content around the web, the list is comprised of some of the best, most thought-provoking, entertaining, and visually stunning essays, videos, and images of 2011.

Many of them also touched on the topic of parenting. Have a look to see if you missed any of these must-read articles:

  • Parents, Curb Your Brats 1 of 10
    Parents, Curb Your Brats
    It was a big year for CNN's LZ Granderson. His article "Parents Curb Your Brats" in which he pleas with parents to gain control over their wild children, was one of two essays that made the list.
  • Dads, Wake the Hell Up 2 of 10
    Dads, Wake the Hell Up
    Jeff Pearlman's open and honest letter published on CNN demanding that working father's take a look at the role they play in their children's lives touched a nerve with Facebook users.
  • Notes From a Dragon Mom 3 of 10
    Notes From a Dragon Mom
    Emily Rapp's poignant and touching essay on raising her son who has Tay-Sachs disease found in The New York Times moved many to share the story with their friends.
  • Father Daughter Dance Medley 4 of 10
    Father Daughter Dance Medley
    It's no wonder this wacky video of a father/daughter wedding dance to a medley of songs made the rounds on Facebook. Dad can shake it!
  • Parents Keep Child Gender Under Wraps 5 of 10
    Parents Keep Child Gender Under Wraps
    The decision of one Toronto family to keep their child's gender a secret caused many to raise an eye brow and also share this Yahoo article by Zachary Roth.
  • Parents Don’t Dress Your Girls Like Tramps 6 of 10
    Parents Don't Dress Your Girls Like Tramps
    In his article featured on CNN, LZ Granderson pleads with parents everywhere to stop dressing their little girls like tramps.
  • Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior 7 of 10
    Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
    Who didn't come across this article in the Washington Street Journal by "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua in which she discusses her very strict approach to parenting?
  • Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation 8 of 10
    Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation
    When Diane Mizota posted a video of two twin boys talking on Yahoo Shine, Facebook users everywhere couldn't resist sharing the adorable baby babble with their friends.
  • What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents 9 of 10
    What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents
    In his revealing essay on CNN, Ron Clark discusses why some of the best and brightest teachers are choosing to leave the profession and what parents can do to stop it.
  • Where Children Sleep 10 of 10
    Where Children Sleep
    This photo gallery from The New York Times is an eye-opening look at the conditions in which children around the world spend their nights. The images were taken by James Mollison, a documentary photographer, and are a must-see.

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