Facebook Tools That Make Me Happy


As part of my gig at Sway Group, I oversee strategy, community management and ad buys for a few Facebook pages. For those of you who maintain Facebook communities for your blogs or clients, you know that this can be an incredibly time consuming project. However, there are two tools I have been using that are making my Facebook life a lot easier.

Clickable: Clickable is pricey (the version I use costs me $799/month), but if you are being paid to run a Facebook ad campaign, it is a lifesaver. The key to a pay per click Facebook campaign is to get your click-through rate as high as possible and your cost per acquisition (likes) as low as possible. Clickable (and other programs like it) makes this a snap. Using their ad uploading tool, you can actually run up to 8,000 ads at one time, and then analyze their performance to optimize your campaign. You upload up to 20 images, up to 20 chunks of ad copy, and up to 20 demographic targets. Clickable then generates the ads using all available permutations (thus the 8,000 number). By running ads in this way, you can quickly determine the combinations that work best for your particular goals. Sometimes what you learn is surprising. For example, I learned that an ad featuring the image of colorful crayons WAY outperformed an ad with a smiling child. I also learned that ad copy that is slightly obnoxious (you NEED new clothing!) outperforms copy that is bland and has no personality. There are some other tools that offer a similar service, but I haven’t yet tried them yet. I promise to report back as soon as I do. I also recently discovered this article that compares a bunch of the different Facebook ad management tools. There are some that are a lot more economical than Clickable, so for those who don’t have a client’s money to spend (and who don’t need a tool that is as robust as Clickable), those could be a great fit.

PageLever: I read about PageLever on and I have been very pleased with the results to date. Used in conjunction with the tips posted in the article I read (you can find them here), it is an invaluable tool for the analysis of your Facebook fan page. A basic account with PageLever costs $34/month, but I think the data you get out of it is worth way more than that. One of my favorite features is that I am able to quickly see how many links my pages have gotten from blogs and other websites. This is especially useful when I am promoting a page via sponsored posts. I also love the way it lets me sort status updates by engagement. I can quickly see which posts are most successful when it comes to generating likes and chatter.

Are many of you operating Facebook fan pages? If so, have you discovered any tools that help you maximize your community there? Share in the comments!

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