Facebook's Sheryl Sandburg Says Companies Should Be Allowed to Ask Female Prospective Hires About Future Pregnancies


I’m sure Sheryl Sandburg was trying to help the plight of women that are starting to build their families at the same time they are mid-career trajectory. I hope.

This week, at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Ms. Sandburg said that a new dialogue about gender was needed. You tell me what you think she meant.

” ‘Every HR department tells you not to do that,’ she said, referring to discussing employees’ plans to start families, “but we need to have a much more open conversation.”

“Think of it like a marathon. Everyone’s cheering the men on.”

“The messages for women are different: are you sure you want to run, don’t you want to run, don’t you have kids at home? We have to talk about this.”

In a bit of unintentional irony, Ms. Sandburg was “speaking at a session on how boost women’s role in economic decision making” according to Yahoo.

I’d like to think that she believes it would somehow improve women’s lot in a still male-dominated corporate world, but I’d have to disagree. Women attending this year’s Women In Tech Summit in Philadelphia said that when they apply for positions in tech, they often take off their wedding rings before interviews because wedding rings = marriage = babies in the minds of those doing the hiring in technology.

So, frankly, I’d rather stick with the law that states that it’s illegal to discriminate against women that are or may become pregnant (sadly, it’s not illegal ask women if they plan to become pregnant during an interview). I’m sure at heart, Ms. Sandburg agrees and at least she’s encouraging the conversation.

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