FAIL: Man Hijacks School Bus to Try to "Get Away"


iStock_000001879061XSmallLet’s say, for argument’s sake, you were on the run from someone. You had to get away. Like now. This instant. You search around for an escape. You see a woman walking. You attempt to carjack her. But, as mentioned before, she is walking. You may have a knife, but she doesn’t have a car.

The next vehicle you spot is a school bus. Hijack a school bus with 11 little kids on board? Sure, why not. You need to get away right? On second thought, a school bus would be a bad vehicle – with children – to try to carjack. Right? Right!

But 22-year-old Nicholas John Miller of Jacksonville, Arkansas reportedly did just that.  According to NBC News, on Thursday morning while armed with a knife, Miller took police, and the eleven kids who were on the bus, on a ten mile car chase before he was spotted by a road block. Miller told police “there were people after him, and the only way to get away was to hijack the bus,” adding that, “he just needed to take the bus to save his life.”

Miller now faces, “one count of vehicle piracy, 12 counts of kidnapping, and two counts of aggravated assault and several traffic violations.” This isn’t his first crime and he has a substantial record.

As for the kids on the bus, they were all totally fine, they will – probably – just have some emotional scars.  Plus I bet a whole bunch of parents will be driving their kids to school come Monday.

The thing that is shocking about this story is that a man on the run would be so misguided (in life) that he would hijack a school bus as a getaway vehicle. A move that for most criminals, of any kind, would be a no-no. Not only is a school bus completely hard to miss but he got 12 counts of kidnapping added to his list of crimes. Thankfully his motive was not to hurt the children, and was just to get away. This story could have had a far more tragic ending had he been a different kind of criminal.

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