FAIL: Parents Bring Kids Along to Rob Bank


iStock_000004024620XSmallI like to take my daughter everywhere. We go to Peet’s coffee so mommy can get her medium soy mocha with a swirl of caramel. We go to Trader Joe’s so we can stock up on snacks. We go to my favorite local book store so we can browse the new arrivals. Basically, she does almost everything with me. But there are certain things we don’t do together. For example, I don’t take my daughter along to go rob a bank, one has to draw a line somewhere right? But a couple in Salt Lake City doesn’t seem to draw such a strong, sturdy and sensible line. A mother and father (both 27) allegedly robbed a branch of Wells Fargo and brought along their 5-year-old and their 2-year-old children with them.

But this is where it gets sad, it seems, at least from police reports, that the couple were just desperate. They told the cops that were facing eviction and had a bunch of medical bills. This makes one wonder, what would you do if you had no resources and no options. Would you consider committing a crime in order to keep your family’s home?

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