Falcon Heene Pukes On The Today Show


Falcon Heene, Balloon BoyOK, this is getting gross.

OK. Grosser. Is that a word?

The Heene family continues their media tour. Falcon Heene, aka Balloon Boy, aka Attic Boy, aka That Poor Kid With The Kooky Parents, isn’t feeling so hot.

At about the 5:50 mark in this video (fast forward to get there), he tosses his cookies. “Mom, I need a cup.” (I think he says cup.) And then, helloooo lunch.

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If the above video won’t play, here is the moment from YouTube:

So, ew. Then dad gets all indignant about the fact that the media has the nerve – the nerve! – to continue to ask him if this whole thing was a hoax. How could anyone think that?

Here’s an idea. Don’t do the interviews. That is an option, you know.

Source: Buzzfeed

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