Family Dog Seriously Injures Newborn


dogHere’s a sad, sad story.  A newborn baby in Lexington, Kentucky was apparently taken from his crib and dragged into his back yard by the family dog.  Alexander James Smith’s parents thought their new son was sleeping, when they looked outside and saw him with the dog.  Dad rushed to the baby, chased the dog into some nearby woods and took the baby to the hospital, where he is in critical condition with puncture wounds.  The dog, named Dakota, was picked up by Animal Control and currently is being quarantined.  No charges have been filed at present in what sounds like a horrific accident.

I’m certainly hoping that little Alexander pulls through right as rain, but meanwhile, I thought I’d direct everyone to this article about preparing pets for the arrival of a new baby. A few tips include teaching a dog to tolerate rough play, giving a pet a safe retreat to go to when the baby cries, bringing home a blanket from the hospital that smells like baby before baby comes home and other helpful tips.

Most of all, sadly, perhaps, but truly, keep pets out of a tiny baby’s room.  What else do the dog-experts out there advise?

image:  Note: this is not Dakota, but another dog of the same breed.

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