First Day of School on Fashion's Night Out! What Are Your Kids Wearing?

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What are your kids wearing back to school?

Babble’s deputy editor, Mira Jacob, was interviewed on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show this morning about kids’ fall fashion just in time for Fashion’s Night Out tonight.  JC Penney’s recent foibles were of course mentioned, as well as all of the padded bras and bikini tops being sold to elementary aged girls.  Jacob noted that skinny jeans are still a big hit with the kids, and a Bronx mom named Vicki called up to say that “sparkling, glittering shoes” are still trending for the 3- and 4-year-old set.  In her opinion, “princess mania” is driving a lot of pre-schooler fashion, and she says when it comes to footwear for that age group, “The presence of heels, even if they’re relatively low, is controversial in my opinion.”  I totally agree.

I’m definitely interested in what kids are wearing to school these days, not just in terms of fashion trends, but in relation to the recession.  One dad wrote on the Brain Lehrer Facebook page, “Grunge, it’s back!,” which makes me wonder if a more slovenly look is easier or cheaper to maintain in this economy. I saw a lot of grungy outfits on Brooklyn middle schoolers this morning, but thankfully not on the elementary students.  Because my purse strings are a little tight right now, this is the first fall I haven’t purchased new clothes for my daughter.  I told her about a week ago that I couldn’t buy her any new school clothes, and she didn’t even flinch.  She went to her first day of first grade in items she’d worn before, and as you can see in the accompanying photo, was perfectly happy.

Perhaps that indicates that fashionable kids clothing is really less for and about kids and more for and about parents who need to feel cool.  Jacob hinted that she might think so, voicing the concern of many parents when she says she’s nostalgic for a time before kids were so fashion savvy.  She told Lehrer, “Kids do know if they’re wearing the right kind of jean and what brand their shoe is, and I feel sad about the loss of innocence there, I have to be honest.”  What do you think?  Do you love shopping for and with your kids?  Or is the demand for children to be fashionable getting out of hand?  Are there certain items or styles you won’t let your kids wear?

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