Fast-Acting Neighbor Saves Girl From Kidnapper

Antonio Diaz Chacon

Stranger abductions are incredibly rare, but they do happen.

Antonio Diaz Chacon witnessed one the other day, when he saw a man throw a little girl into the back of a van and speed off. So he did the right thing. While his wife called 911, he leapt into his truck and gave chase.

Diaz Chacon pursued the kidnapper until he crashed his van into a pole and fled into the desert, giving Diaz Chacon a chance to rescue the frightened child.

Later, police rounded up the kidnapper and charged him with kidnapping, child abuse, and tampering with evidence. Police said there have been no other recent kidnappings in the area.

Diaz Chacon is a father of two daughters himself, and he said that while he pursued the kidnapper his own kids were on his mind. He told the Associated Press:

Diaz Chacon said he was proud to help. While he was chasing the van, he said, he thought of his own two girls _ one 7 years old, the other 5 months _ and how he would want someone to do the same for him.

It’s refreshing to hear a story of someone so instinctively doing the right thing to help a person in trouble. That little girl desperately needed a rescuer. How fortunate that Diaz Chacon was in the right place at the right time, and able to act as he did.

Photo: Xurble

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