Fat Heroes Rule! Artist Hilariously Reimagines 4 Superheroes with Supersized Appetites


You know how there are always those stories of little girls weeping because there isn’t a princess who looks like them? That they wish they had a heroine to admire who also doesn’t have crystal-blue eyes, long, golden hair and a 19-inch waist?

Perhaps it stands to reason, then, that there are also little boys who feel like the cheese standing alone because they don’t have rippling muscles, thick, wavy hair and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

And maybe, just maybe, there are some portly people who resent that the people often characterized as the ones heroically saving the world have BMIs in the single digits and can actually fit into the Gap’s skinny jeans.

For the first group, alternative princesses have been slowly emerging from animators in film, on TV and online. For the second group, there’s Seth Rogen. And for the latter, there’s Mexican artist Carlos Dattoli, who re-imagined Superman, Batman, Robin and Flash Gordon in his Fat Heroes series as much of the world sees the United States: obese. But, you know, in a really funny way, not an I-hope-they-have-an-adequate-life-insurance-policy-for-their-wife-and-kid-because-they-will-die-young-of-a-heart-attack-if-they-don’t-lose-some-weight kind of way.

Take a look:

  • Fat Heroes 1 of 6

    Illustrations by Carlos Dattoli

  • Blimpy Batman 2 of 6

    That moment when you realize Batman wears Spanx.

  • Rotund Robin 3 of 6

    Who wears short shorts? Robin wears short shorts.

  • Swollen Superman 4 of 6

    If all it takes is a crane to fly, can we all get in on the game?

  • Fleshy Flash Gordon 5 of 6

    If I go via segway instead of on foot, does that make me a superhero, too?

  • Saving the World, One Doughnut at a Time 6 of 6

    The Justice League of Plus-Size Superheroes


All images used with permission from Carlos Dattoli

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