Father Gives Notice on Facebook Before Slaying Child

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Yazmina, 2, who was slain by her father.

I’ve had a bit of trouble typing this post, because this story is truly unsettling – even more so than the tale of Lashanda Armstrong, who drove her four children into the Hudson River last month.  Like Armstrong, 24-year-old Australian Ramazan ‘Ramzy’ Acar announced that he was about to do something rash via a Facebook status update.  Unlike Armstrong, though, Acar was not a parent at the end of his rope, having been tortured by a cheating partner who was thousands of dollars behind in child support.

No, Acar was simply out to devastate the mother of his child.  He told her that he planned to take their daughter out for a treat before posting the Facebook status, “Bout 2 kill ma kid.”  And then he did exactly that.

According to The Daily Mail, “As the girl lay dying, Acar posted another message, directed at the child’s mother, Rachelle D’Argent: ‘It’s ova – I did it.’  Then he posted another vengeful Facebook message to Miss D’Argent, from whom he was separated, reading: ‘Pay back, u slut.'”

My grief at reading the details of this disgusting and horrifying tale is enormous.  I understand well the types of power struggles that a child can end up in the midst of after the demise of a parental relationship, and knowing that people are routinely so blind with vengeance or are drowning – literally, in Armstrong’s case – in the despair of abuse that they go so far as to kill their children makes me overwhelmingly sad.  Not to mention how hard it is for me (and I’m sure any of us) to understand what motivates people take to the Internet immediately before committing such a horrifying act.  In both Armstrong and Acar’s case, they posted status updates on Facebook just as they were about to take a life, or lives.  These final declarations are of little consolation to survivors, or police, who aren’t left time enough to intervene.  At least during Acar’s trial, his Facebook posts were used to incriminate him.  Acar pled guilty to murder charges in court.

Source: The Daily Mail