FDA Rejects BPA Ban in Food Packaging



bpa baby bottles
Most baby bottles had BPA until manufacturers pledged to stop using the chemical in 2009.

On Friday, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it would not ban the use of BPA, or bisphenol A, in America’s food and beverage packaging.

Environmentalists claim that the chemical, which is found in plastic bottles and canned foods among many other places, may harm the nervous systems of newborns and even cause birth defects. Yet the FDA found there wasn’t enough evidence at this time to support those claims, and rejected any ban for now.

The FDA made its announcement in response to a lawsuit filed by the National Resources Defense Council, which had argued BPA is a toxic chemical and offered up animal studies showing it causes cancer.

Some consumer products manufacturers, like those producing baby bottles, have already removed BPA from their products due to public pressure. Meantime, FDA officials indicated they would support and consider future research on the impact of BPA on health.