Federal Judge Strikes Down DOMA


A federal judge in Massachusetts has found the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, saying that married same-sex couples deserve the same rights and privileges as heterosexual married people.

Finding with the plaintiffs in two separate cases, the judge said that the federal government can’t deny same-sex couples whose marriages are recognized by their home state the benefits it extends to other married couples in that state.

About time. Thank you, Judge Tauro.

Legal experts differ over whether or not the decision will stand up to appeal. If the Obama administration appeals the decision, it will be tried by the 1st circuit court.

Even though Obama is an outspoken opponent of the Defense of Marriage Act, the administration is expected to appeal the decision, possibly up to the Supreme Court.

This is still good news for gay couples, who are today one step closer to genuinely equal protection and privilege under the law.

Photo: laverrue

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