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Fertility Service for Beautiful People

By sandymaple |

Want a beautiful baby but don’t have the genetic material to make one yourself?  You’re in luck!  Beautiful People, a dating site where the average and ugly are not welcome, has announced a fertility introduction service for “people who want to maximize their chances of having good looking children.”

Described as an “the largest network of attractive people in the world,” Beautiful People made news earlier this year when they kicked out over 5,000 people whose weight gain over the holidays had rendered them not so beautiful.  But while they may not allow the average looking person to join up and hunt for a attractive mate, they will allow them to hunt for a beautiful baby.  Or rather the genetic material to make a beautiful baby.

Beautiful People Founder Robert Hintze says he initially considered limiting the recipients of all this gorgeous genetic material to members only.  But, on second thought, he realized that just because you are ugly doesn’t mean your child should be, too.

“Initially, we hesitated to widen the offering to non-beautiful people.  But everyone – including ugly people – would like to bring good looking children in to the world, and we can’t be selfish with our attractive gene pool.”

How very thoughtful.

The site isn’t actually involving itself in hands-on business of egg and sperm procurement.  Rather, they have set up a forum in which prospective donors and recipients can communicate.  If there’s a connection, the parties can then take if off site to a proper clinic and get down to the business of making a beautiful baby.

While a lot of people may find this idea offensive, I can’t manage to work up any outrage over it.   I just don’t care what these superficial people get up to.  I do take issue, however, with Hintze’s assumption that we all want to have children who conform to his rather narrow definition of beauty.  And the idea that the genetic material one might cull from this group is in any way superior to what one might get from the average person is preposterous.  Shallow is never attractive.

Image: AF-Photography/Flickr

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7 thoughts on “Fertility Service for Beautiful People

  1. alison says:

    This isn’t all that different from people wanting donors with high IQs, impressive degrees, no history of disease, etc. While I bristle at the shallowness, I can’t claim to be completely free of the shallowness myself: part of what attracted me to my husband (and him to me) was physical attractiveness. What strikes me as odd is how single minded they are, suggesting that the only thing which matters is physical appearance. The sacking of people who gained weight is just foolish given that their DNA didn’t gain weight. I am concerned for the poor children who may be conceived from this as their parents will clearly have ridiculous expectations for them and what happens if they fail to live up to them? DNA is such a small part of the equation when it comes to beauty, both interior and exterior.

  2. alison says:

    Alright, I just went to the site and browsed some of the members and, I don’t mean to sound shallow, but most of the people seemed fairly average. I mean, they are all attractive enough, but I given the site’s marketing, I expected supermodels. I am not sure I would want to date anyone so insecure that they would sign up for this site and I certainly wouldn’t waste money joining for fertility services when the DNA on offer seems no “better” than what I can find out in the world. Maybe Chicago playgrounds are overrun with super hot moms and dads at the playground and I have a skewed perception of the world, but I suspect this site is designed to part the insecure and vain from their cash.

  3. Newby says:

    Seriously, the site should be called low-BMI people, or over-processed hair people. There is nothing inherently beautiful about these people, they are just young, skinny and highlighted.

  4. [...] Fertility Service for Beautiful People [...]

  5. Carl Barron says:

    The order of importance as to breeding should be as follows:

    1 Free of genetic disease
    2 High intelligence
    3 Good looks should be third.

    As humans we bread in general very unwisely, we go for looks, wealth then intelligence, what is the good of having these three primaries if there is genetic disease?

    If you were breeding live stock you would want them to be free of genetic disease as a primary driver in the selection process, breeding by good looks alone is futile.

    Signed Carl Barron
    Systems Formalist Designer and Inventor
    Chairman of agpcuk

  6. Kyla says:

    @Carl Baron: 4 out of 5 eugenicists agree with you. Are you trying to argue that people with genetic diseases shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce at all? Or that they should only do it with each other? Oops, clearly no one told my parents to check for genetic defects. Oh well, I guess they’ll have to live with their 1550 GRE daughter who wants to spend her life saving the world. Life is so tough!

  7. LL says:

    Comments I have 5 words for you: Demi Moore & Bruce Willis.

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