Fight the Flu With Food?


kid-cooking_1I can never remember whether it’s starve a cold, feed a fever or the exact opposite. But according to a new eat-right program for families, you can feed your kids to stave off a fever at least.

The Dairy Council of California (the people behind all those talking cow commercials that my kid is obsessed with) (a government agency not directly linked to the California Milke Advisory Board which does the talking cow commercials) are cashing in on American parents’ swine flu fears with a new cookbook and Website designed to encourage us to mix up “flu-fighting foods” for the family.

I’ve been sneezing over my keyboard all morning (which I’m trying hard not to blame on having walked into my daughter’s nursery school building to a swarm full of kids), so despite my preference to simply cook well-balanced meals all the time, I figured it didn’t hurt to see if there was a little something extra we could do this fall. Especially when you consider we’ve still got weeks to wait before the swine and seasonal flu shots are available.

So what do they say we should be eating to stay flu-free? The biggies are yogurt, garlic, citrus and chicken, all meant to boost the immune system.

Their recipe suggestions fall in line with Dr. Sears’ old standby for immune boosters for kids – he gives you a list of vitamins, with an even longer list of foods that contain each. Garlic is on his list, along with Vitamin C, E, and more.

Check out the Meal Matters site for the recipes.

Image: amazon