Filmmaker Claims He Could Have 1,000 Siblings Via Sperm Donor


sperm donors neededMost people have one, two or perhaps even three siblings. But Barry Stevens, of Toronto, Canada? He believes he could have from five-hundred up to one-thousand brothers and sisters via the donations of one very prolific sperm donor. How did he discover that he could have a very, very large extended family?

Mr. Stevens made a documentary about his personal journey and his quest in trying to find his “real father” and as many half-siblings as he could find. The donor had reportedly — according to the Montreal Gazette — donated sperm over the span of three decades with his offspring living in the United States, Canada, and Europe

Mr. Stevens and many others have concerns over donors who give so much. Currently in the United States and Canada there are no rules or laws that limit the amount of children produced from one sperm donor. Other countries like France, Britain and Denmark have such limits. There are worries, especially in regards to the dark side of the issue. “We can’t exclude the possibility that children of one donor can meet and have sex, and children, and indeed the possibility that the donor himself could have sex with his daughter,” Mr. Stevens stated.

Do you think there needs to be limits to how many babies can be born from a single donor sooner than later?

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