Finding Your Way To The Family Kitchen


lucys-meatloaf1In theory, I am the cook in our household.  I received that title not because it is something I excel at but because, well, I suck at it less than anyone else.  So I handle cooking and my wife handles clean-up.  (I suck even more at cleaning.)  It can be challenging, however, to come up with meals for which we not only have ingredients for (because I also suck at planning) but which my kids will like.  Luckily, I now have The Family Kitchen on my side.

The Family Kitchen offers family-friendly recipes from someone who really understands what it means to be a parent and the resident chef — lead author Jenny Rosenstrach has two daughters, one eight and one six.  It’s not all Macaroni-and-Cheese and Cheerios-a-la-Milk, though.  Rosenstrach has written for The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Cookie, and Body & Soul.  As she explains it, “I am a working mom who loves to cook and I hope to convince you to love it, too.”

I think I’d really like to try Lucy’s Meatloaf, though I’m wondering how it would work with chicken (we’re a mostly semi-veg — no red meat — household).  I’m also very excited at the idea of trying the coconut macaroon recipe — both because it’s simple enough the kids could make it and because I love coconut.  I am definitely looking forward to more recipes and less pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to cook, thanks to The Family Kitchen.

Photo: The Family Kitchen