Finish Line - Birth Films, Hunting and The French

Finish LineI’m still giddy over the way the Yankees/Mets game ended last night, so I’m going to dive right in and tell you about a few posts from the ‘Derby this week. (“HE DROPPED THE BALL!” Hee hee.)

  • Jeanne proves, once again, that the French are annoying. Is there anyone more annoying than the French? I kid, I kid.
  • Madeline told us about a Birth Film for Traumatized Fathers.  (They already made this film. It was called ‘Knocked Up.’) I wrote about this on my own site,, and I’ll say it again. Men need to get over this. Not saying childbirth is easy to do, or easy to watch. But guys. C’mon. Be a man about it. (See what I did there? I questioned your manhood. Now you have to do it. Next I’ll say “meow!” and make a whip sound. Then you’ll have to do whatever I tell you to.)
  • Guest Blogger Karen Bridson (Hi Karen!) asked the age-old question “Do moms give up too much?”
  • Miriam told us about British people who are choosing homebirth but with less than perfect information.
  • Hey, Wisconsin 10-year-olds! This gun’s for you! I’ve added “hunting” to the list of topics that get people riled up. Who knew?
  • I talked about Amy’s hunting post on this week’s episode of Babble Talk Radio, which I did all by myself. (“All BY my-selllllff…”) Basically, my feeling is this. If you’re in favor of lowering the hunting age to 10, OK. But can you honestly tell me that I’m “nuts” for wondering if giving a gun to a 10-year-old is a good idea?
  • I also told you about Mayim Bialik (TV’s “Blossom”! Whoah!) and how she likes to hold her infant over a toilet. SO THE KID CAN PEE IN IT. Sheesh. What did you think I meant?

More next week. Try not to drop the ball until then… (“HE DROPPED THE BALL!” Hee hee.)

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