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2010-movieWelcome to the first Monday of 2010.

A thought — in the past, when you considered the year 2010, did you think the world would look more futuristic than it does now? Or do you think the world we have actually does look kinda sci-fi? No flying cars, though. That we’ll have to wait for.

Now, let’s have some news, shall we?

Ben Bernake says that the financial crisis was caused by “weak regulation” and not low interest rates. (New York Times) It reminds me of a song called “Your Fault” from the musical “Into The Woods.” Here are some high school students singing it, in a video with remarkably good sound quality:

Did you hear about this business at Newark airport? Somebody just walked through the wrong door and they couldn’t find him. Pretty scary. (MSNBC/AP)

During a December 27 incident in Tehran, “stated strenuously that security forces weren’t armed with guns” and didn’t shoot at any protesters. Ah, but there is video of shots being fired. Here it is (via Also pretty scary.

For some less important and more fun news, let’s move on to the NFL. It was a wacky day of games, ending with the New York Jets shutting out the Cincinatti Bengals 37-0 in the final game ever at Giants Stadium. (“Dad, why do the Jets play at Giants Stadium? Don’t they have their own stadium?” “No, son, they don’t.” “Oh.”) The Giants, by the way, got shellacked by the Vikings 44-7. Here’s a link to a full NFL roundup at

And now, your weekend movie box office. (Numbers via

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I have actually seen four of the top ten films. FOUR. Check your window for winged swine. I’ll give you a little quickie review for each one. (Possible spoilers ahead.)

“Avatar” took the lead with $68,300,000, bringing the flick’s 3 week total to $352,111,000. Great movie, worth seeing, especially in 3-D. “Sherlock Holmes” came in second with $38,385,000 ($140,675,000 cume.) Didn’t see that one. “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” sold $36,600,000 worth of tickets to happy children and their tortured parents ($157,345,000 cume); I didn’t see this one either. “It’s Complicated” was in fourth place with $18,700,000 ($59,105,000 cume). This one was entertaining; Meryl Streep was amazing as usual, Alec Baldwin was funny, and Steve Martin reminded us that he’s a good actor. It was somewhat frustrating not to see the jerky dude get a real comeuppance. “The Blind Side” was in fifth place with another $12,650,000, bringing their total to $209,052,000. Wow. Of the top five films for this weekend, “The Blind Side” was the only one to show an increase in ticket sales (10.3%); they did add theaters, but so did the others, except for “Sherlock Holmes.” “Up in the Air” came in sixth with $11,350,000 ($45,020,000 cume), a teeny increase from the previous week. I liked this one better than “It’s Complicated”; it was actually more complicated, and also more interesting. It’s also the first time I thought George Clooney was actually acting. He was really good, as were the other leads, Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga. (Jason Bateman was OK I guess; I’m not a huge fan.)

To sum up: See “Avatar” (I’ll post a “is it OK for kids?” shortly), “The Blind Side”, “Up in the Air” and “It’s Complicated”, not necessarily in that order. The other ones, you’re on your own.

Oh, and happy new year everyone.

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