Fix This Pitch! This One's A DOOZY


Oh, my goodness, this pitch is just crazy town. Please, bloggers, do not go down this rabbit hole. It’s beneath everyone, even the blogger still using a blogspot template on their very first day of blogging.

Here’s the info. I’ve redacted all the brand info to ‘protect’ the blogger that sent it to me.

The makers of  [redacted] are looking for 100 bloggers to take a stand and help to promote the [redacted]

Here’s how to participate.

1. LIKE [redacted] on Facebook and add your photo to [redacted]

2. POST about the [redacted] campaign on your blog.[redacted] Don’t forget to encourage your followers to join the [redacted] by submitting a photo on Facebook.  Each week we will select 100 winners –to each receive 5 [redacted, but value of about $25].  On March 30, we will also select 10 winners —who will each receive [redacted] for a Year!

3. DISCLOSE the following disclosure statement or your own disclosure in your  blog post: “I occasionally receive compensation in the form of products for posts. However, the opinions I share are solely my own.”

4. SEND the link to your blog post to [redacted] as soon as you have liked and posted, to ensure blogger promotion entry.

The first 100 bloggers to adhere to the above will receive a [redacted] Prize Pack valued at $40.


First of all, the item being promoted is something food related. So no one is “taking a stand” when they are promoting this (heavily processed, high fat, high salt product) of any particular kind.

Secondly, creating a false sense of urgency omg, I better post quick or I won’t get a chance to win! is insulting.

Thirdly, the ARROGANCE here that you have to hurry up to be the first 100 bloggers to win $40 worth of… likely, crappy swag. It boggles. Seriously, seriously boggles.

I don’t know that this pitch is fixable. What say you?

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