Fla. Gov's Office Sends Parents to Sex Line


florida-kid-care-logoFlorida parents calling to inquire about their kids’ health insurance got a surprise recently: a sex chat line recording offering them a chance to indulge in their naughtiness.

The line was supposed to be for Florida KidCare, a health insurance program offered by the state to any child regardless of whether their parents are working. Indeed it’s Gov. Charlie Crist telling them about the insurance program and telling them to go online or call this number: 888-540-5347.

The Palm Beach Post called it and ended up with an offer to chat one on one with “students, housewives and working girls from all over the country.” Needless to say, they weren’t going to talk about boo boos and tummy aches.

The governor’s office has fixed the problem, but not before rumors started about political sabotage. It was probably just a mistake, but considering the life of a lot of parents we know, it was probably the most action they got all year.

Image: Florida Kid Care

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