Flavored Cigarettes Banned by FDA


teen-smokerThe FDA took a giant step toward tobacco regulation yesterday by banning the sale of flavored cigarettes, including the popular clove variety.

The new law, which is aimed at protecting children, makes illegal the sale of any cigarette that’s flavored with fruit or candy flavors — like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Most smokers say they began smoking when they were teens, and studies show that teens are three times as likely to smoke flavored cigarettes than young adults are.  The FDA says that flavored cigarettes entice kids, who might not realize how easy it is to become addicted.

“Flavored cigarettes attract and allure kids into lifetime addiction,” Assistant Secretary of Health Howard Koh said in a statement.  “FDA’s ban on these cigarettes will break that cycle for the more than 3,600 young people who start smoking daily.”

Future bans could include menthol cigarettes and small, flavored cigars.  Over the next two years, the FDA plans to aggressively act against marketing tobacco products to kids.

I had friends in high school who smoked clove cigarettes, believing them to be “not real cigarettes” and therefore not as dangerous as the real thing, so I’m nodding my head here thinking, “Yeah, this is probably a good thing.”  What do you think?

Photo: Valentin.Ottone, Flickr