Flexible Screens: The Future Is Now


I had a dream that I could roll up my iPhone and put it in my pocket. For real. Like while I was sleeping. At some point, someone might have had a dream that a phone could follow voice commands too… and lookie, now it can!

Turns out, my dream isn’t so far-fetched. Check out this video of Nokia’s “kinetic device” from Nokia World 2011 in London. It’s an alternative to the the pinch and zoom technology we now know and love thanks to the iPhone. Instead, we’ll be bending and twisting to scroll, to zoom, to dismiss calls, or change songs. Apparently, Samsung has plans to release phones and tablets with flexible displays in 2012.

But other than the neat-o factor, who cares? Wait. Think of the possibilities… intuitive, tactile engagement would give options to the visually-impaired for one. That’s just the beginning.

If — no, when — tablets are flexible, how will that change my user experience? If I could travel with a more durable device that folds up, you bet I’m trading in my laptop! The whole discussion of screen size becomes moot. If I could have a (insert really cool product name here) that folds up to the size of my phone… we’re talking an all-in-one portable device that replaces laptop, phone, and tablet!

While exploring winter vacation options, I discovered car seat mounts for tablets on Amazon which basically replaces in-car DVD players. Pete Cashmore tells CNN, “Simply put: The cheaper, thinner, more portable and more durable screens become, the more uses we’ll find for them. And what could be thinner or more durable than a flexible display? Any surface could — and will — become a screen.”

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