Flip Flop Ban, Oil Spill Outrage, and More


As of today, the BP oil spill is finally — at least temporarily — mostly capped. That means that for the first time since April, oil is not gushing into the Gulf. The moms at Momversation can’t believe that the spill is already sliding off the front page, though. They want to know, where’s the outrage?

No, I don’t think we should ban flip-flops, but you won’t catch my kids wearing them. Mostly because they can’t stand the feeling of that little strap between their toes, but these shoes really are dangerous on little kids. Do yours wear them?

A new tool for diagnosing autism? The Language Environment Analysis (LENA) system clips on to a child’s clothing and records their sounds throughout the day. The device could be used as a screening tool by pediatricians one day. — Parentdish

Earlier this spring, I declared this summer TV-free and no one complained. No one used our TV either, that is, until we bought a Wii. If you think your kids are getting too much screen time, Parents Ask has some tips to help you out.

Baby wipes are a necessary part of early parenthood, but they can cost a bundle. LilSugar breaks the cost down per wipe for parents who are looking for the best value, and suggests that if you really want to get a good deal on wipes — buy in bulk.

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