Follow Friday is Dead


We’ve all been guilty of internet abuse, but Twitter abuse is especially heinous. Let’s discuss what was once a lovely way to highlight people in the community, but is now a weekly spamming free-for-all- Follow Friday.

Not too long ago I could send a tweet and ask people in my Twitter network to follow someone because they are smart/funny/have a 3rd eye and that person would have lots of new friends. As Megan said on the phone yesterday, “Twitter doesn’t work like that anymore.” She’s right.

What killed Follow Friday? Tweets like this:

@SpammyLookingTwitterAccount: #FF @Alphabetically @Chosen @Twitter @Accounts @Obviously @Picked @by @a @Bot

That killed it. No bits of info about why a certain person is the bees knees, nothing personal, it’s just a spammy list of Twitter handles. FAIL.

Be warned that Social Media Gurus will recommend this practice. I’m willing to say that any hired consultant that recommends spam as an outreach method needs to be removed from that position on the spot.

I did try a Follow Friday today just to see if it was even possible to gain any traction-

Now this is a total win. I explained why I thought Sara was a great person to follow and Jennifer responded. Perfect.

What do you think? Is Follow Friday dead? Did spammers kill it? Check out the Twitter Psychology infographic below and see what it says.


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