Preschool Bans Cheese Sandwich

Jamie Oliver’s so-called Food Revolution has gone too far in Britain where a nursery school employee confiscated a student’s cheese sandwich because it — gasp! — didn’t have any lettuce or tomato on it.

Not surprisingly, the two-year-old student broke down in tears. Wouldn’t you?

The town council supported the teacher’s decision saying that a plain cheese sandwich was not on the list of recommended healthy food for children.

I’m all for eating healthfully, but this move strikes me as just a little bit over-the-line.  If I banned cheese sandwiches in our house, my 8-year-old daughter would pretty much go hungry.

Most nutritionists agree that demonizing certain foods does more harm than good — and besides, what’s the danger in a plain cheese sandwich? Next up, they’ll be banning sandwiches with mayo. Making certain foods verboten isn’t a productive tactic for encouraging healthy eating. All it serves to do is limit food options and fill people will shame.

Thank goodness the poor tot’s mother was sensible enough to move him to a cheese-loving school where he won’t have his lunch snatched because it doesn’t pass nutritional muster. I’d hate to see how the school would react to the Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches I sometimes send with my girls for lunch.

Once the government starts taking away our cheese, who knows what’s next? Doesn’t personal responsibility and privacy come into play? I don’t want my kids’ teachers examining their lunches to ensure that they contain the proper nutritional balance (peanut butter provides protein and Nutella does have some calcium, right?)

I joke, but in reality, I am concerned about the misguided direction the so-called Food Revolution is taking this country. Limiting choices is not the answer (unless we’re talking about school lunch, but that’s a different story). I worry that we are raising a generation of kids who is fearful of food and getting fat, but doesn’t understand that a balanced diet can contain everything from broccoli to cheese and even ice cream.


Article Posted 6 years Ago
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