Forget Dora Bring on the Dogs: Westminster Dog Show - Where is the Dog Show Jr?


If I was in the mood to hear a slew of oohs, aahhs and “oh, mommy, can we get another dog, pleassssse?” then all I have to do is tune into the Westminster Dog Show. This uber important doggie display is being televised Monday and Tuesday of this week on the USA Network.

This is must-see TV for any crazy canine lover. From Labradors to Lhasa Apsos, pugs to poodles, big, small, tall, short and all (mostly) very, very furry, the array of dogs is staggering. These aren’t the breeds you see playing at your local park. Many are exotic, unusual and pretty darn interesting. And that is why my five-year-old daughter loves it. She could watch these pedigreed pooches prancing around for hours upon hours. She’d pick doggies over Dora any day of the week. So when will there be Dog Show Jr? There is an audience. Get a couple precocious preteen hosts, throw in some educational tidbits, and you’d have a howling hit. And instead of Purina and a variety of prescription drug ads, throw in some Pillow Pets and ZuuZuu ads, and you’d have some pretty respectable revenue.

Am I the only one whose kids love a dog show? Or do they get bored after the first stroll around the ring?

Photo: via Abby’s Road