Forget the Superbowl...We Really Wanna Watch the Puppy Bowl!

Puppy Bowl!

Unless your child is a die-hard New York Giants fan, an avid New England Patriots fan, or just likes to watch grown men running into each other and throwing a strange shaped ball around, then odds are they won’t have much interest in watching this Sunday’s Super Bowl. But never fear, they can still embrace the majestic nature of Super Bowl Sunday but just in a sweeter, cuter and in a way more furry way.  Enter the Puppy Bowl!

The Puppy Bowl has been an institution for those crazy about canines since it first aired in February, 2005.  One of the awesome things about the Puppy Bowl isn’t just that it’s totally adorable but that all the dogs featured are from shelters and viewers are encouraged to – if they get bit by the “I have to get a puppy now” bug – to go to their own local shelters to adopt.

Another thing about the Puppy Bowl is that it’s popular, really popular. In 2011 it had an estimated 9.2 million viewers. And if you and your kids aren’t dog people and more cat people? You’re in luck, there is the kitten half time show (and some pigs and hamsters thrown in to the mix for extra cuteness).

What do you plan on watching? The Puppy Bowl or the Super Bowl?

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