Former 'Toddler And Tiaras' Favorite, Eden Wood, Lands Her Own Show (Video)


Is seven years old too young to formally retire from one field of work and embark upon another? Apparently not, says Eden Wood, who is best known for her appearance on TLC’s Toddler’s and Tiaras. After announcing her intent to leave the pageant world behind, Eden has hardly stepped out of the spotlight, appearing on shows like Anderson and The Talk.

No longer satiated by one-off television guest spots, Eden and company are attempting to carve out a more permanent place in your television line-up with the announcement of her own show on Logo, Eden’s World. The show will follow Eden and her team, consisting of a publicist, manager, and her mother, Mickie, as they attempt to launch Eden’s career into acting, singing, and modeling (yes! All three!) in New York City.

Eden’s World will also follow the former pageant queen and her mother around the United States while they spread the art of sexualizing children to the masses. The pair will instruct a new pageant princess wannabe and her hopeful stage mother each week on the dos and don’ts of flaunting your tots assets in order to win a cubic zirconia-laden, tin foil crown.

I weep for America while I program my DVR. Here’s a sneak peek at Eden’s upcoming television debut set to air April 16th at 10 p.m. ET.


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