Foster Kid Finally Adopted at 64


steve-bevelheimerHe was fourteen when he escaped a drunken father and an abusive stepmother. At sixty-four, former foster kid Steve Bevelheimer has finally been adopted.

Yes, it’s time to pull out the tissues.

Until the other day, Steve was Steve Harland, a foster kid of Lee and Ellen Bevelheimer since Christmas Day 1959. Unlike the three hundred some foster kids who came in and out of their home, Steve’s always been a member of their family.

Bbut it was never official until the ninety-three-year-old Lee told KCRG TV in his native Cedar Rapids, Iowa that he wanted to make it official. That was October. This month, fifty years since Steve showed up at the Bevelherimer’s house, the two men stood before a judge and became father and son.

Image: WSBTV

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