Four Years, 20 Pregnancies for Beauty Salon


chicago-hair-salon-baby-boomWe’ve heard of menstrual cycles lining up, but estrogen is on overload at one Chicago hair salon. In the past four years, there have been twenty pregnancies among the fifteen hairstylists.

Even the owner isn’t immune – she’s currently on bed rest awaiting the birth of her baby in January.

It’s a fun story – there are exactly nine girls and nine boys right now, with two more expected (no word on whether they’ll fall down gender lines). The pregnancies make up more than half the salon’s employees, and they’ve made quite the mark on clients – who comment on being eye-level with bellies, bellies, bellies when they plop in the chair for a chop.

Two of the babies were even born on the same day, in hospital rooms in the same hospital!

Working in a mostly male office, in a business were most of the women are significantly older than me, this wasn’t going to happen when I was pregnant. But it’s apparently not that uncommon:

It reminded me of my own mom’s frequent story – she was working as a registered nurse when she was pregnant with me, and said the hospital seemed to be under some sort of maternity frenzy. These days I work with one of those fellow nurse’s daughter on a regular basis (she’s in PR, I’m a reporter), and we celebrate our birthdays less than one month apart.

Did you wonder what was in the water when you got pregnant?

Image: Chicago Tribune

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