Quick-Thinking Airport Security Guard Saves Baby from Fall


airportI am not one who becomes easily frazzled, but I become totally discombobulated every single time I go through an airport’s pre-flight screening.

After making sure all my tiny 3 oz bottles are properly stored in plastic bags, taking my laptop out of the case, guzzling the last of my water and taking off my shoes, I become a total wreck. And if I’m traveling with my daughter, then it’s that stress times two.

When I saw the footage of the father in Poland whose toddler fell from the post-screening tables, I could totally relate. I could see that happening to me, or any other frazzled parent traveler.  But this father was very lucky. As his child fell from the metal table, a security guard with very quick reflexes dived head first — not unlike a baseball player trying to steal second — and grabbed the child before they could hit the ground.

“I noticed the child was sitting on the table and he looked a bit off balance, and then he began to fall forward,” said the guard Grzegorz Paczek. “I was standing four to five meters away and I realized I had no chance of stopping him fall so I just threw myself along the ground with my arms outstretched. It was an instinctive reaction.” Paczek added that he always pays extra attention when parents with small children go through his line since parents are usually distracted.

“This is a warning to all parents: you can never predict what a young child is going to do,” a spokesman for the airport said. “But it also shows the airport staff not only check to see if anybody is carrying dangerous items but also care for the well-being of the passengers.” The airport rewarded Paczek for his actions by giving him a bonus, a very nice gesture for sure.

But I do think, as someone who has done their fair share of flying a child, that a dedicated security line for families would be a very welcome addition to any and all airports. On occasion, while traveling from San Francisco International Airport, we have been ushered to the priority line which is always much appreciated. Not just because we don’t have to wait in a really long line with a child who has no patience for a really long line, but because my frazzle level goes way down. And not only that, but many non-parent travelers will glare at you as you get your family unloaded for the X-ray machine and metal detector. Having a dedicated line for all of us with our bottles, strollers, and antsy kids would really make traveling so much easier.

Do you get frazzled when going through airport security?





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