Free Birth Control May Be Available Soon

Free birth control may be available soon
Free birth control may be available soon

This month, the federal government will begin deciding what forms of birth control, if any, they’ll include as free preventative care under the new health reform bill. They have till next August to decide.

Making free birth control available could go a long way towards cutting the rate of unintended pregnancies. Currently, half of all pregnancies fall into the “whoops!” category. That’s a whole lot of unplanned pregnancy.

But is birth control really preventative medicine? Doctors and women’s health experts think so. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, sees it as a lifestyle choice.

Happily for women’s health advocates, the current head of the DHHS, Kathleen Sibelius, is pro-choice, and likely to include birth control in the preventative medicine category under the new health bill.

Hopefully, the resistance to that won’t sap too much of the energy that goes into shaping these regulations. We’d all be much better served letting the doctors and health care experts figure out which forms of birth control should be included, and how best to help women get the education and access they need to use them.

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