Freebies For You -- And Your Kids


piggy-bankTimes are tough — even Elmo knows it. For many of us, money is really tight, and for those of us that are still lucky enough to be gainfully employed at our usual level of pay, the tanking of the financial markets mean that we’re looking to squeeze more savings for the future out of those paychecks. So any tips for saving money can be really, really helpful.

To that end, Kiplinger’s has a feature on its site listing lots of freebies that are available to all, and better, are often things you might actually want. Some are pretty obvious — libraries! Walking and jogging are free workouts! — but some actually were news to me.

For example, there are still some ATMs that offer fee-free withdrawals, and other online banks give you free checking that actually earns interest.

And, to bring it back around to parenting, there are free games online for kids and even restaurants where they can eat free. The site mentions chains like Denny’s, but call around locally. Some places you’d actually want to eat, free or no, have kids eat free nights.