Fresh Beat Band: Two (Tiny) Thumbs Up


nickelodeon-the-fresh-beat-band Earlier this spring, Nickelodeon started airing promos for a band called the Jumparounds, which featured a quartet of cute young people singing and dancing away to upbeat perky songs. I wrote a post about it that was less than enthusiastic and got more hits than any post I have ever written. Most of those were along the lines of “We love them! If you don’t like it, don’t watch!!”

Well, Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout (the names of the four characters) faded away and Nickelodeon wasn’t promoting the show anymore, nor did it show up on their summertime schedule. About a month ago, though, the videos retuned, but the crew had a new name the Fresh Beat Band and their half hour show premiered on Nick last week.

The nice people at Nickelodeon sent me a screener, and I’ll say this: The music still makes me want to jam a pencil in my ear. But, let’s face it, 39-year-old music snobs are not the target market. Young kids are. And the two that hang around here love, love, LOVE the Fresh Beat Band. My toddler son bops to the videos when they come on and kind of sings along, and my four-year-old daughter demanded to see the screener over and over and over again.

She said she loved all the singing and dancing and “I think their jokes were interesting because it made me learn dance moves and new songs.” She gets up and dances along with the videos when they come on, too.

So, not your average parent’s kind of thing, I am guessing. But it’s harmless entertainment, and if you’re a music loving kid, it’s awesome.

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