Study: More Fructose in Corn Syrup Than Previously Thought

corn syrup, hfcs
A new study finds corn syrup might NOT equal regular sugar

A not-so-sweet controversy is brewing over High Fructose Corn Syrup and whether, indeed, its just like granulated sugar. The corn industry has long argued that HFCS, which many have blamed for the rise in ADHD and obesity, is chemically just like regular sugar. So convinced of this — and also so tired of dealing with the bad PR of HFCS — they’ve decided to rename the stuff “corn sugar.”

But a new study claims to have found that, indeed, the two substances are not the same and that corn syrup has an extra fructose punch to it that makes it unhealthier.

In fairness to the corn industry, I’ll mention here that the study’s methodology is being questioned. It’s difficult, apparently, to measure sugar (tell that to the bakers!). In any case, if others manage to replicate the findings, then all that angst over finding products that don’t include HFCS will have been worth something.

If not, well, we can nonetheless rest assured that being more aware of the ingredients in what we eat is a good thing. And that getting less sugar (in whatever form) in processed and packaged foods has been a battle worth fighting.

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