Funny! Kid Reacts to Darth Vader Being Luke Skywalker's Dad! (Video)

4 year old reaction to Darth Vader Luke's father video
4 year old in shock over Darth Vader being Luke's dad

Remember when you found out that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s dad?* You likely didn’t have quite the same reaction as this kid!

Watch this 4-year-old’s reaction to the “I am your father” reveal in The Empire Strikes Back.

He’s complete awestruck!

While some are saying this video is staged, it looks like this kid’s shocked reaction is pretty legit.

It’s obviously a jaw dropping moment for young Faris… I’d say he just got his mind blown!

Do you remember your first reaction to Darth Vader’s shocking admission?

*Also, totally sorry if I spoiled Empire Strikes Back for you, but dude… it’s 30 years old now!

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