Funny Kid Video: Boy Yanks Tooth with Nerf Big Bow Gun (Video)

Kid pulls tooth with nerf gun video
Kid pulls tooth with Nerf gun

This is sick. But in the best possible way.

Watch as this brave kid yanks his tooth out – with the use of a Nerf big bow gun (video)! It’s pretty awesome, really.

He ties his tooth with a string, then attaches it to the dart of the nerf gun, asks if it’ll hurt… then fires away.

No tears!

We recently had the struggle of getting my 8 year old daughter to pull a loose tooth that had been hanging around for too long. There were a lot of tears leading up to a quick yank, and then a bunch of blood.


Of course, prior to that, she yanked a tooth out during a dinner in a nice restaurant, and then asked the waiter for extra napkins because she was bleeding. Sweet.

My son has always happily pulled loose teeth, most memorably when we were in “China” in the Epcot World Showcase.

The whole wiggly tooth and subsequent pulling has always eeked me out, so I appreciate kids who go the extra mile to get the job done.

This kid is a total badass though.

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