Funny Mom Joins The Twitterati


mfapi-174143237179-0af571843d6e29b2b3ebee2ae95f5540-16d323200007600000ff00000ff00000ff0000700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-220_0_428_246Twitter is like this huge cocktail party full of famous people and not-so-famous people all rubbing elbows and saying pithy things in 140 characters. This week, the spotlight is on Kelly Oxford, a Canadian mom whose acerbic comments on parenting and pop culture have won her over 20,000 followers on Twitter.

The woman doesn’t have a blog, or an album she’s peddling. She’s just funny. And smoking hot. According to her latest tweet:

When you’re given the face of a porn star and the personality of Woody Allen, human interaction is a Kubrickian cat’s-cradle.

That seems to about sum her up. I’m a little confused about the attention she’s getting though, because with all due respect to Ms. Oxford, I hang out with some really funny moms on Twitter.

Not that she isn’t. She’s funny, with a kind of dry wit and a tendency to quote her kids being amusing. Which they genuinely are.

It’s just that I’m swimming in a sea of mom humor. If you want Twitter to make you drop everything and laugh till your sides hurt and you need to pee, read these mamas:

Who makes you laugh till it hurts in 140 characters or less?

Photo: Kelly Oxford

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