Funny Video Friday: Baby Gaga's Telephone


Get ready to have your mind explode. If you think watching Lady Gaga strut around half-naked in prison gear and covered in chains is crazy, wait until you see the video re-enacted by toddlers! Funny, sure. But appropriate? You be the judge. I’ve used my daughter in comedy videos before, but never with handcuffs around her neck.

I know all about parodying Lady Gaga’s Telephone video, because I sing the vocals for Beyonce in this hilarious video by The Key of Awesome. But I’m a grown adult. Gulp.

The production value is extraordinarily high (I mean, the diaper dress with the train!), but Baby Gaga is walking on a bar. I wonder if Mom is the dancer who shares a sip of Baby G’s bub from her baba?

Via Idolator.