Gabby Baby Has Something to Say (VIDEO)


gabby-babyYou know that old joke about how we spend the early years teaching kids how to talk and the rest of the time trying to get them to please be quiet for two seconds?

If that sounds like your house, then get ready to feel sorry for these parents.  Their adorable baby girl hasn’t actually learned to talk yet, but she’s got the gift of gab.  Don’t even try to interrupt her either, because this girl’s got something to say.  Video after the jump.

What’s astonishing about this baby is that — actual vocabulary or not — she’s got skills.  She makes eye contact, has conversational rhythm, and appears to be telling an actual story.  And she’s already figured out that roughly three-year-old style of talking without pausing, except to take the shortest of breaths. And when her dad dares to laugh at her? She gives him a look that proves she’s totally serious.

I’d love to see another video of her in a year.  I have a feeling her parents are not going to get a word in for a long, long time.