Gadgets Bring Us (Almost) Together


Parents use technology to keep up with their kids all the time. You might want to Skype with the teenager you just dropped off at college for the first time. Many divorced parents have “virtual visitation” with their children via instant messaging or Skype sessions. Parents traveling for business use these tools to keep in touch when they’re home.

Do they work?

Almost, it seems.

The Boston Globe has a piece out in today’s G Magazine about how texting, instant messaging, Skype and e-mail have changed the landscape of the long-distance love affair. Obviously, a romantic relationship is different from a parent-child relationship. But keeping in touch while far apart has some things in common no matter who you’re keeping in touch with.

The article on long distance couples suggest modern technology, especially texting, has really changed the face of the long-distance relationship.

It’s not only for the good. There are signs that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. The constant contact of texting all day long can wear down even the most ardent lover’s enthusiasm.

Can our technology really stand-in for the intimacy of face time? What does this mean for parents using modern technology to keep in touch with their kids?

Photo: Lars Plougmann

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