GAHHHHH: Snail Was Living in 4-Year-Old's Knee, Mom Remains Amazingly Calm


GAHHHHH: Snail Was Living in 4-Year-Old's Knee, Mom Remains Amazingly Calm - BabbleAfter you watch this CBS News video about a little boy who had a sea snail living in his knee, you’ll be left with a lot of questions. For starters: How is this mom so calm? What is she ON? And can I have some?

Four-year-old Paul Franklin of Alisa Viejo, California, fell and scraped his knee on a rock at the beach. No biggie, right? Kids scrape their knees all the time. His parents cleaned it up and slapped a Band-Aid on it. But then a couple weeks later, it looked swollen and infected. A doctor prescribed antibiotics.

“I came home from work and his knee was the size of an orange,” mom Rachel Franklin told CBS News. A trip to an urgent care center resulted, more antibiotics were prescribed, and things seemed better … except the wound didn’t really heal.

And then one day the wound looked black. Rachel took another look, and when she tried to drain it, this rock-looking thing popped out. Except it wasn’t a rock. It was a freaking sea snail.

“I just had to laugh,” she said, “because we’re going through this three-week ordeal” and it was just a live creature living in her son. Hahahahahahahaha.

I can’t even watch this without feeling dizzy, and this mom’s first reaction was to laugh. Seriously, I’m flapping in horror over here. I wish I was more like this mom.

So then, because obviously this is what you do when you have a four-year-old boy, they put the snail in some water, and now it’s a pet.

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(Screencap: CBS News)
(via: CBS News via Jezebel)

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